Secret Tips and Tricks For Successfully Catching a Florida Trap-Shy Rat

When looking for an ideal habitat, the Coral Springs rat does not have a tendency to discriminate. They will invade any house that will provide them with an easy access. Compared to the mice, they are relatively smart and will often be cautious on the traps that you set. In case there is something that seems unusual on their surroundings, they will commonly stay away from it. 

Best Tips to Capture the Florida Trap-Shy Rat

When trapping the vermin, most people think that it would be sufficient to simply lay down the traps and wait for the rodent to enter it. In case the rats infesting your house possess a fairly high intelligence, this will not work. It took million years of evolution for the rat to survive. You should not think that the rats will easily enter your trap.

Think like A Coral Springs Rat

Before you set-up the trap in the pathway of the Florida rat, remember that the rat has a pretty good memory and it knows everything in its environment. In case something has been moved or if there is a new object in their surrounding, they will be apprehensive to interact with it. By understanding their usual behavior and their habit, you will be able to devise a trapping method that will be suitable for them. Remember that trapping is more than just laying the traps and choosing the right bait and placement. You need to make the rat feel safe first before you can capture them.

Choosing the Best Trap

There are varieties of traps sold in the Florida market. Some traps are designed for outdoor use while others are ideal for indoors. There are traps that will catch them without causing them injury and there are others that will deal a fatal blow. When looking for the best trap, you need to think about your particular situation. In case you are planning to get rid of the infestation indoor, avoid using snap traps that can injure your pets and kids. Electric traps and raticators should never be used outdoor since they are not weather resistant.


Adding Florida bait to your trap will not be too complex. However, you should not expect that the rats will immediately be attracted to your bait. Choosing the right food to add in your trap can be a challenge. They already have a steady source of food and they will most likely ignore the food in your trap. It can also be difficult to convince them to alter their source of food. If the rats will pillage the seeds in your birdfeeders, they will not necessarily pay attention to the cheese in you trap. You need to determine their food source in order to identify the best bait to use.

Finally, you will have to learn how to properly place the Coral Springs trap. Wear gloves while handling them and avoid the human scent to be transferred on the trap. When placing the trap in an open environment, be sure to position it close to the mouse trail. 

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