The Top Reason Why Poison is NOT the Ideal Solution for Your Coral Springs Skunk Infestation

The Coral Springs skunks will normally wreak havoc on the urban communities by destroying their lawns, digging burrows, toppling the garbage can, damaging the shingles, etc. The skunks also prefer to build their den close to the foundation of the house. Once the water enters that hole, it may adversely affect the condition of our house's stability. In case you think that the skunk is starting to become a nuisance in your property, it is time to get rid of them.

Valid Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Poison to End your Skunk Infestation

However, no matter how serious is your problem with Florida skunk; you should refrain from using poison. Aside from the fact that some of them are being protected by the laws of the state, poisons also have a detrimental effect on our health.

The Legal Status

Based on the Coral Springs law, spotted skunks belong in the protected species in some states. While the striped skunks is not included in the federal list, you are still not allowed to cause them unneeded suffering. Otherwise, you can be subjected to punishments and fines. Skunks that have ingested poisons will suffer for weeks before they succumbed to death. Most of the states will also require you to carry licenses and permits. Be sure to check the legal status of the skunk in your state before you perform any lethal method.  

Dangerous to the Pets and Kids

Perhaps one of the main reasons why Florida poisons are not recommended to use would be the dangers that it presents to your pets and kids. A small amount of rodenticide can be life threatening if accidentally ingested by your child. Based on the report of the local pest control organization, about 90% of the emergency calls that relates to poisons concerns kids ages 5 year old and below. The poisons have that sweet greasy scent that can attract the attention of other animals especially your pets. They can also be exposed to secondary poisoning where they can eat the poisoned rats. 

Non Eco-Friendly

Poisons contain strong chemicals that will be continuously emitted in our environment. These substances may contaminate your soil and the water source. You will also be surprised to know that the most common victim of the poisons are not rodents and skunks but bobcats, owls, hawks, and foxes. Most of these animals are included in the federal list of protected animals. You can be unconsciously hurting the balance of the ecosystem by using poison. Aside from that, the chemical spores that are being released by the poisons can gravely affect the quality of air in your house. Inhaling them can lead to the irritation of your respiratory linings.

These are few of the reasons why there are no commercially-available poisons designed for Coral Springs skunk. We recommend you to try the exclusion method first before considering the lethal method. In case killing them is unavoidable, there are humane methods that you can use that will deliver a swift and painless death to the innocent creature.

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