Hidden Dangers of Mothballs and Ammonia When Using Them Against Your Florida Armadillo Infestations

Armadillo are interesting Coral Springs creatures that have unique features. There are some people who take them as exotic pets but this will require permits and advance knowledge. There are also others who treat them as nuisance creature. Their incessant digging habit can lead to numerous issues such as structural damages. On the off chance that you are looking for a solution for your armadillo infestation, we highly discourage you from using mothballs and ammonia.

The Dangers of Using Ammonia for Your Armadillo Invasion

According to the Florida reports of the Department of Health, the ammonia is a widely used chemical in the US. Our own body produces ammonia and this can also be found in our nature. However, in a pure form such as the one sold in the market. It is a highly-irritating product that emanates a suffocating scent. When mixed with water, this can create a solution known as ammonium hydroxide that may cause burns and irritation. While it may not be flammable, it can easily explode when exposed to extreme heat. 

Most Coral Springs people will be exposed to ammonia when they accidentally breathe the vapor of this product. While it may be lighter form of air when I gas form, it will form a vapor when there is a presence of moisture. During this time, the exposure to this toxic gas can be highly possible. Once the ammonia penetrates our system, this will cause negative reaction. Remember that our body is mainly comprised of water; this will produce ammonium hydroxide. This solution is known to be highly corrosive and can easily damage the healthy cells of our body. The magnitude of effect will vary depending on the level of exposure. If the amount is highly concentrated, it can easily lead to the eye, lungs, nose, throat and other irritation. This may also damage our lungs and cause blindness.

Why You Shouldn't Use Mothball against Armadillo

Mothballs contain 100% paradichlorobenzene or naphthalene. Both of these active compounds are known to be Class A carcinogenic. The severity of the effect will depend upon the level of exposure and the concentration of the active compound. While they are in solid form, they will gradually transform into a high-toxic vapor. Basically, those who are inhaling the fumes of mothballs are inhaling insecticides. This will also appear like a chewable candy. Once ingested by your pets or kids, this can be very dangerous.

Originally, the mothballs are intended to kill the Florida moths that are destroying our clothes. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the fumes of the mothballs has a tendency to stick to our clothes. It requires time and multiple washing in order to get rid of the suffocating smell. The compound of the mothballs can also contaminate water supply and soil which is why it is not advisable to use it in an outdoor setting.

Knowing the reasons why mothballs and ammonia should never be used as a Coral Springs repellent can save you from the detrimental effect of these products.  

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